Mastering React-Native: Building a Product Showcase App

Mastering React-Native: Building a Product Showcase App


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Hello and welcome to a new day in my journey of learning and mastering React Native. This time, I have completed a project or application for displaying products and some related details. I have learned more about React Native navigation and completed the project in just 3 days, following the guidance of Mr. Hitesh Choudhary.

I can proudly say that I have improved significantly compared to my previous skills, whether it's in understanding, application, or writing code. I consider myself to have made great progress, thanks to my dedication and persistence. I hope to continue striving for excellence.

As for the application, it is designed to showcase electronic products along with their details such as price, discounted price, discount percentage, and ratings, among others. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and implementing this project.

For those interested in the application, you can find it in my GitHub repository. I wish success to myself and everyone else in their endeavors.

My GitHub Repository: Link